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Ecommerce SEO Plans India

Proven eCommerce SEO Strategies to Increase Sales.

Our eCommerce SEO services in India are designed to help your website rank higher on search engines, driving more traffic and sales. We use proven strategies to enhance your site's visibility and ensure it stands out in its category. With our award-winning services, you can expect increased traffic and better results across the board. Let us help you grow your eCommerce business with effective SEO techniques.


Attract Customer Traffic & Grow Sales With Our Ecommerce SEO Plans

In the world of online shopping, it's important for your products to show up when people search for them. Competition is tough, but with our help, you can stand out.

We have a special plan called SEO (Search Engine Optimization) that can make your online store more visible. This means when people search for things to buy online, your store will show up higher in the search results.

Our SEO plan includes checking everything on your website to make sure it's working well and making improvements so that more people can find you. This will help bring more visitors to your store and increase your sales and profits.



We boosted our online sales by 47% with our Ecommerce SEO plan. Here's what we did:

We concentrated on ranking longer and more specific keywords at first.

We created special pages for our main products, targeting specific customer interests.

We improved the content that appears lower down on the website.

We made our website load faster to give visitors a better experience, which Google likes.

We used a strategy called Barnacle SEO to get noticed alongside bigger brands in our industry.

Barnacle SEO.


Here's what we do to boost your online store's visibility and sales:

Canonicalization & Panda Check

We check your website to make sure it follows the rules of search engines. Our experts improve different parts of your site, like content and tags, to help it show up better in searches. We use the latest tools to make sure your site ranks higher on search engines.


Website Speed Optimization

We make sure your website loads quickly so visitors have a good experience. We look for ways to make your site load faster by fixing any issues and optimizing images. This helps your pages load faster for people who visit your site.

Product Image Optimization

Having good pictures of your products is important for eCommerce. We make sure your product images are high quality and labeled with the right keywords so they show up well in search results. We also provide extra information about each image to help it rank better in search results.


On-Page Crawl Error Correction

Sometimes, there are problems that stop search engines from properly reading your site. We check for common issues like URL structure and thin content and help you fix them. This helps search engines understand your site better.

Product Markup - Schema HTML Tags

We use special tags on your product pages to help search engines understand them better. This makes your products show up better in search results, which can help bring more customers to your site.


Rich Snippets Optimization

Rich snippets give users more information about your site in search results. We optimize these snippets to make your site more visible and attract more clicks. This can bring more traffic to your site and potentially more customers.

Category Pages SEO

We make sure your category pages have the right keywords and accurately describe what's on each page. This helps them show up at the top of search results when people look for those keywords.


On-Page SEO for Brand Pages

Brand pages are designed to showcase a specific brand on your site. We make sure these pages have all the information and media needed to connect with customers and search engines. Our team ensures these pages show up well in search results.




Campaign Setup

Local SEO Audit

In-depth Site Analysis

Content Duplicacy Check

Initial Backlinks analysis

Google Penalty Check

Mobile Usability Check

Competition Analysis

Keyword Research

Campaign Setup

Title & Meta Tags Optimization

Service Area Landing Pages

Content Optimization

Desktop Speed Optimization

Mobile site optimization

HTML Code Cleanup & Optimization

Robots.txt Creation/Analysis

Sitemap Creation

Google Search Console Setup and Maintenance

Local Search Optimization

Google My Business Setup & Verification

Google Business Profile Optimization

Google Business Profile Monitoring

Online Review Monitoring

Map Stack

Google Map Embeds

Bing, Apple & Facebook Listings

Primary Citations

Secondary Citations

GBP Posts

Yelp Optimization

Citysearch Optimization

Content Marketing

Blog posts

Guest posting

Premium Local Press Release



Google Map Keyword Rankings

GeoGrid Rank Tracking

Citation Accuracy Report

Customer Support (Email, Phone)


What is eCommerce SEO?

Ecommerce SEO is about making a website better so it shows up more in online searches. The goal is to get more people to visit the website.

  • There are lots of good things that come from doing ecommerce SEO. Some of the best ones include getting more visitors, being seen more online, and making more money.

    • Yes, there's a difference in price. Ecommerce SEO costs more because it's focused on making online stores better for selling stuff. National SEO is cheaper and focuses on making any kind of website more visible in search results.
  • Ecommerce SEO makes a website better for search engines. This means improving things like the content, layout, and titles on the site, as well as getting other websites to link to it.

  • The important things for ecommerce SEO include having a good website, making great content, getting links from other good websites, and using the right words people search for.

  • An SEO retainer is like a deal between a business and an SEO company. The company promises to help the business every month with SEO stuff in exchange for a set amount of money.

  • Some mistakes in ecommerce SEO are not using enough of the right words, not having good titles and tags, having thin or copied content, and not getting good links from other websites.

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