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Work Hard. Have Fun.

Playing games at work makes it fun for everyone.

We know that working too much isn't good, even for talented people. That's why we plan lots of fun activities alongside our work.


Diwali 2023

Diwali Party 2023

Diwali Gift
Diwali Gift
Diwali Gift
Diwali Gift
Diwali Gift
Diwali Gift


Yearly Outing

Regular Outing

Celebrating Geeta Jayanti in Kurukshetra

To make sure our employees are happy and healthy, we at CALinfo care about you. We're introducing something new called the "Happy Place Form" to help plan fun outings and activities. This will help you feel good and satisfied while you're at work.

We think it's important to learn about different cultures, like celebrating Geeta Jayanti. So, we're arranging a special trip for CALinfo employees to join in the celebrations and learn about the diverse heritage in Kurukshetra.

  • Participation in Geeta Jayanti celebrations

  • Exploring historical sites and landmarks in Kurukshetra

  • Witness the vibrant celebrations of Geeta Jayanti, including recitations, discussions, and performances centered around the Bhagavad Gita.


Fun In Office


Boost Your Skills with CALinfo: Classes to Improve and Develop

Improve your skills in communication, career growth, and creativity. Our friendly instructors will guide you through practical lessons, helping you gain confidence and reach your goals. Start your journey of learning and growth with CALinfo today!

  • Practical skills for real-life situations
  • Expert guidance for personal growth
  • HBoost confidence in your abilities
  • Flexible learning options to suit your schedule
  • Accessible classes for all skill levels

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