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Search engine optimization (SEO) Course

Join our Search Engine Optimization (SEO) Course today! Dive into the world of SEO and its workings.

Understand how search engine algorithms impact search results. Learn how to develop an effective SEO strategy, including selecting keywords and conducting keyword research. Explore consumer psychology and search behavior. Master the art of on-page SEO analysis to identify ways to improve a website's search optimization. Start your SEO journey now!




Understanding Search Engines
Keyword Research and Analysis
On-Page SEO Optimization
Off-Page SEO Techniques
Technical SEO
SEO Tools and Analytics
Local SEO
Content Marketing
SEO Copywriting
SEO Auditing and Reporting
SEO Tools and Analytics

Who should take an SEO course?

Anyone interested in understanding how search engine algorithms work and their impact on search results and websites. In this course, you'll learn important aspects of creating a successful SEO strategy, like choosing keywords, doing research on them, understanding consumer behavior, and analyzing on-page SEO to improve a website's search ranking.

The aim of this course is to give learners a set of practical and theoretical tools for creating and communicating in the field of graphic design. These skills will prepare learners for formal graphic design studies and serve as a foundation for exploring interface design, motion graphics, and editorial design.

  • Module 1- Basic of SEO
    • Introduction to Online Search
    • Introduction to SEO
    • Knowledge about SERPs
    • How does SEO Affects your business
  • Module 2- Keywords Optimization
    • Introduction to Keywords
    • Keywords Research & Analysis Tools to Analyze
    • Keywords Tools for Searching Keywords
    • Keywords Distribution
  • Module 3 - Content Optimization
    • Understanding Content Optimization
    • Optimizing for Site Structure
    • Types of Content
    • Optimizing Textual & Non Textual Page Elements
    • User Generated Content
  • Module 4 - Understanding The Technical SEO
    • Language which Search Engine
    • Duplicate Content
    • Google Webmaster Tool
  • Module 5- Content Strategy
    • Understanding Content Strategy
    • Defining your audience, topics, angle & Style
    • Tool for Content Strategy - Editorial Calendar
    • Promoting your Content with Social Media
  • Module 6 -Link Building
    • Understanding the Importance of Links
    • Types of Links
    • Link Building Opportunities
    • Link Building Strategies
    • Anchor Text
  • Module 7 SEO Effectiveness
    • Measuring SEO Effectiveness
    • SEO and Social Share
    • Social Crawlytics
  • Module 8 SEO For Ecommerce
    • What is Ecommerce & Ecommerce Sites
    • Technical components of E-commerce sites
    • Structure ∧ Content
    • Link Building Optimization
    • Technical components of E-commerce sites


Benefits of SEO

Benefits of learning Search Engine Optimization

  • The SEO lessons are kept up-to-date to make sure students know about the latest changes made according to Google algorithms.

  • Students learn the newest updates and techniques.

  • They're encouraged to ask questions and clear any doubts they have.

  • High-quality study materials about the digital marketing course content are provided.

benefit of seo


Seo Client

Small, mid-sized, and large companies all choose SEO retainer agencies.



SEO Clients Testimonials


Ankit Kumar

The Company provides various services in the field of Digital Marketing and Website Development. Services provided are better than industry standards. The tasks are accomplished within decided time and staff is very diligent and cares for the user inputs



Best Services provided and also give us a good training which is very beneficial for student.My reason behind to training from here is that they were providing a practical knowledge


Art and Craft lover 1


Best web devlopment company in Kurukshetra, Haryana .Best place to work which professionals, Best place to learn so many things about your job work



Their off page work helped me a lot. Now my website is ranking among the top results based on some most competitive keywords.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Top identified questions our Monthly SEO Retainer clients are asking.

  • SEO is important for business websites for several reasons. Firstly, without SEO, your website may not appear in search engine results pages (SERPs). Since many potential customers start their search on search engines, this can be a problem for businesses. If your website doesn't show up in search results, you could miss out on potential customers.

    Secondly, compared to smaller websites, enterprise websites often have more complex structures. This can make it harder for search engines to index and crawl them. Enterprise SEO can help ensure that your content appears in SERPs and that your website is properly indexed.

  • Enterprise SEO means making a website search engine friendly to get top rankings for lots of keywords. The main difference between enterprise and small business SEO is the size of the business and the resources they have for optimization. Big enterprises have more money, more people, and more complex websites needing advanced optimization. Small businesses usually have fewer resources, so they focus on fewer keywords that matter most to them.

  • The price of enterprise SEO services can change based on how big and detailed the project is. Normally, these services can range from $2,000 to $10,000 per month.

  • No, enterprise SEO is complicated and takes a lot of time. It needs special skills and experience. PageTraffic is one of the few companies that focuses on giving enterprise-level SEO services, so it's better to let the experts handle it.

  • Absolutely! We can adjust our enterprise SEO service to fit exactly what you need. We offer many options to make sure you get the most from our service. For instance, you can pick the keywords you want to target, decide on the strategy for optimizing your pages, and more.

  • It usually takes between 3 to 6 months to see big changes with our enterprise SEO services. But the exact time can vary based on things like how tough your industry is and how strong your competition is.

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