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Paid Advertising(PPC) Services

Achieve High ROI with Targeted Campaign Management

CALinfo&s PPC services are designed to help you create a successful advertising campaign that delivers the desired results. We have 18 years of experience in pay per click management, and our team can handle all aspects from start‐to end so your business flourishes 24×7. With us managing everything for you, you're able to get leads at sustainable rates while earning an excellent ROI.


Diffrent Types of PPC Ads

  • Businesses have their own unique requirements when it comes to paid ads? The type that will work best varies depending on the size and location as well what your company offers customers in terms of products or services.

  • Search Ads : With these advertisers can choose the keywords they want to target. Ad copies are then created telling Google what they should show when someone searches for those terms and pay accordingly! You pay everytime someone clicks on your ads.

  • Display Ads: These can appear as text, image or video ads. These have lower conversion rates because they do not target a specific audience. These are great for creating awareness about your business and brand building.

  • Sponsored Ads:

    These are an easy and effective way to boost your company's visibility in front of many potential customers. They work by displaying sponsored content from you across various advertising platforms, such as Gmail which looks like regular emails on top of users' inboxes!

  • Remarketing Ads:

    Retargeting ads are an interesting way to bring in more customers by targeting people who have already shown some interest in your products or services. This type of paid ads work best as the final push needed from these users before converting them into paying clientele!

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Certified Google PREMIER and Microsoft ADS Partners

CALinfo is proud to be one of the top 3% agencies globally that get a chance at being Google's Premier Partner!

We work closely with Google and Bing and help clients create winning campaigns for their business on every platform imaginable like Google, Bing, Facebook, Instagram and Linkedin.

Our expert PPC specialists have vast industry knowledge so no matter what type or size company you represent, we can provide PPC assistance tailored specifically towards your needs‐all without breaking a sweat.




Unlock the power of paid advertising (PPC) with CALinfo. Our tailored solutions drive increased traffic and revenue by engaging your target audience through strategic ad placements.



Experience the difference with CALinfo's Google Ads services. Our expert team conducts thorough ad audits to ensure optimal visibility on both desktop and mobile platforms. With precise targeting and insightful campaign management, we maximize conversion opportunities and drive direct sales through strategic ad extensions.


Let CALinfo take the reins of your Facebook ad management needs. From crafting compelling strategies to launching and monitoring campaigns, we offer comprehensive services to maximize your presence on social media. Our PPC specialists provide personalized solutions tailored to your unique goals, ensuring effective engagement and measurable results.



Achieve your professional objectives with CALinfo's LinkedIn advertising expertise. We analyze your business requirements to create customized campaigns aimed at generating quality leads and increasing traffic. From initial ad design to ongoing performance analysis, our team ensures continuous optimization for maximum success.


Reach your target audience affordably with CALinfo's Bing PPC strategies. With years of experience across diverse industries, our team collaborates closely with you to understand your goals and optimize campaigns accordingly. Benefit from our expertise to enhance visibility and drive conversions effectively.


Stand out in the digital landscape with CALinfo's creative display advertising solutions. Our strategic approach combines creativity and technical expertise to craft visually captivating ads that resonate with your audience. With a variety of ad formats at our disposal, we help you capture attention and expand your reach effectively.

CALinfo's display advertising services will help you capture more people's attention and reach a wider audience. With our broad range of ad formats, we can craft an attractive campaign that gets users hooked quickly.




Raghav Verma

The Company provides various services in the field of Digital Marketing and Website Development. Services provided are better than industry standards. The tasks are accomplished within decided time and staff is very diligent and cares for the user inputs



Best Services provided and also give us a good training which is very beneficial for student.My reason behind to training from here is that they were providing a practical knowledge


Art and Craft lover 2


Best web devlopment company in Kurukshetra, Haryana .Best place to work which professionals, Best place to learn so many things about your job work


Ujjval gupta

Their off page work helped me a lot. Now my website is ranking among the top results based on some most competitive keywords.


John Larson

Cal Info helped me to promote my eCommerce business within my limited budget. They also help me top get conversion over social media with their social media marketing.


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Tools We Used

To achieve top search engine rankings, we use only the best tools for eCommerce SEO.



Frequently Asked Questions For PPC

Top identified questions our PPC Services clients are asking us about

  • CALinfo stands out as the premier PPC advertising company in India due to our comprehensive expertise, tailored strategies, and proven track record of delivering exceptional results. We prioritize client satisfaction and consistently exceed expectations through targeted campaigns and measurable ROI.

    • Advertising with pay‐per‐click (PPC) ads offers immediate visibility to your target audience, driving relevant traffic to your website. With precise targeting options, real-time tracking, and the ability to control costs, PPC ensures cost-effective and measurable results for your marketing efforts.
  • While it's possible to manage PPC campaigns independently, partnering with a PPC management and advertising company offers expertise, resources, and time-saving benefits. Professionals can optimize campaigns effectively, ensuring maximum ROI and freeing up your time for other business priorities.

  • There are various types of PPC campaigns, including Search Ads, Display Ads, Remarketing Ads, Shopping Ads, and Social Media Ads. Each type serves different purposes and targets audiences across various platforms to achieve specific marketing goals.

  • To budget for PPC campaigns, consider factors like industry competitiveness, target audience size, and campaign objectives. Determine a daily or monthly budget based on these factors, allocating funds strategically across keywords and platforms to maximize ROI and achieve desired results.

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